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Tips & Tricks

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1. To add a retweet link, watch the short video below and type
    your username here:  More tips.
      Click here to try the new, cleaner interface!      
2. Type/paste your message—don't go below zero in this box:
3. Click here: and edit your message (if needed)
    until it is short enough to send. Click here to center this page.
4. Find out who retweeted you:

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(Scroll up to watch the video)

WHY GO TO THE TWITTER HOMEPAGE TO SEND MY TWEET? It gives you a last chance to check for typos! (Of course, you've never made a mistake in a tweet, have you?) But also, because we don't ask for your password, it's more secure for you. We can't send your tweet unless you are logged into the web interface. Why don't we take passwords? We'd rather wait until Twitter provides better password security. Back to top.

OOPS! YOUR UPDATE WAS OVER 140 CHARACTERS: Don't worry about this message from Twitter: Even though you sometimes will get this error after sending tweets with special characters, the Twitter web interface will show your entire tweet to everyone.

The error is a bug in Twitter that counts some special characters as more than one character. If however you weren't careful and did actually create a too-long tweet, Twitter won't even let you send the message. Just edit it until it's short enough and you'll be good to go. Back to top.

UNDERSTANDING RETWEET LENGTH: The number in step 2 for adding a retweet link only leaves enough room to add "RT @YourUsername " in the tweet that your followers will have autotyped for them. You may still need to edit YOUR initial tweet to make it short enough to send with the retweet link in it. Just remember that the box just under where you type in your tweet can't be below zero when you're ready to send. Back to top.

CHOOSING SPECIAL CHARACTERS: Try hovering your mouse over the special character interface and notice that some keys have a lighter background when you hover over them—these special characters work in more interfaces. This is to help you choose, because some interfaces don't show all special characters. Internet Explorer & Twhirl will display fewer special characters than FireFox, for example. People who can't see the actual character you chose will see a small box instead. Back to top.

WHAT ARE THOSE FUNNY BLACK BOXES? Those can be used to create unusual objects in your text (try it!), or to pretend that part of your message was "blacked out" (such as if you wanted to quote Samuel Jackson without the profanity :) Back to top.

CAN PEOPLE WHO RETWEET ME ALSO SHOW A RETWEET LINK? Yes! It's pretty simple and very, very easy to do. Easier to do that it is to understand. Here's a short video explaining how somone retweeting you can be set to also show a retweet link.
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